Terms of Use at Skipperfly


Skipperfly Network aims to connect travelers with guides and service providers from around the world in one place, make them more accessible and take advantage of the services enabled via a secure electronic platform that guarantees users' rights.

To achieve this, we ask our valued users to fully comply with and understand the following conditions.


Terms and Conditions of Use of Skipperfly Network

Terms of Use change from time to time. If any changes are made, Skipperfly network will notify the user to be aware of them. The user's continued use of the Website is based on the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use, as amended from time to time for better service. Any violation of this agreement by the subscriber may expose his account to suspension without prior notice, and in some cases without refund of any amounts. All of these conditions are only to protect travelers and guides, to safeguard their rights and to provide the best service of the highest quality.


Protect Users

* The user (traveler or guide) is not allowed to write fictitious names, phone numbers, etc. Those who do this will display their account for suspending, because the website is based on transparency in the provision of services and relates to financial matters and accounts.


*  Signing up with more than one account and more than one name (as a traveler or a guide) to be circumvented on the website. In such cases, all subscriber accounts will be suspended, and any funds held in the account will be stopped.


*  Any fraud attempt in any way on travelers or guides, the subscriber's account will be suspended immediately and without explanation.


*  Skipperfly network is committed to protecting users (traveler and guide) against fraud by the service provider and applicant, provided that all correspondence and agreements are within the network, and that money transfers are selected through the network, not through hand-over. In external agreements, Skipperfly network is not responsible for any damage to a party.


*  The amount required for any service offered by the guide (a private licensee or a company) is only (7,000 USD). If the service exceeds this amount, please contact the administration and explain all the details related thereto, and provide all the supporting documents that may be requested from the website's management to verify. Your request will be answered within 36 hours.


*  If you agree to participate in Skipperfly network, you implicitly agree with the network management judgment in the controversial issues between the service provider and the applicant. Therefore, neither party shall be entitled to object the network management judgment.


*  Skipperfly network may require some identification papers to verify some cases of service providers and applicants and to verify electronic payments through the platform.


*  Skipperfly is an interactive social platform that provides services from guides and service providers around the world, in all interests, to travelers, to ensure the best service and quality. The website must not be used as a means of making money transfers through the platform. If this happens, the account will be suspended and all funds will be frozen.


*  If a well-known person or company is impersonated, the account will be suspended and all financial transactions will be frozen without any refund.


*  If any stolen bank accounts or credit cards are used, the account will be suspended and all financial transactions will be frozen without any refund.


*  Adding any services contrary to international ethics, norms, laws, and charters is prohibited. Skipperfly network management is entitled to stop and delete any of these services provided by guides and service providers without giving reasons, and the account holder will be notified that such services will not be repeated. If it is repeated, the account will be suspended.


*  If the guide's rating is poor, after evaluating their services from travelers, the guide will be notified to provide better service. Then, their account will be suspended from the network.


*  Evaluation of the service will only be for paid services and not for free ones, to avoid manipulating the results of the assessment for guides and changing the results on the network.


*  Skipperfly network allows you to add services (as a guide) that will be checked within (12 hours), to be posted on the network after making sure that they are not a violation of the website's policy.



How Does Skipperfly Network Guarantee Your Rights?


Service Provider (Guide – Person or Company)

*  Skipperfly network allows you to add services that will be checked within (12 hours), to be posted on the network after making sure that they are not a violation of the website's policy. So, it should be as much clear as possible.


* Keep your service clearly described, accurate and professional. You are responsible for any problems that may occur if you don't explain the service or what you will provide.


*  The option is available to you to determine how to pay and receive money for your services (hand-delivered or via Skipperfly network -as an intermediary-). Therefore, the network is not responsible for any malfunction or damage from using the payment method through full hand delivery. Skipperfly allows the choice of two payment methods.


*  You can select a portion of the total amount of money for the service (online payment via the network), such as a reservation on tourist trips, seat booking, etc. You can supplement the amount when meeting the traveler.


*  Set a proper time for the service so that it does not lag behind its applicant. Otherwise, the travelers will be able to cancel it after the execution period expires and recover all funds from Skipperfly wallet.


*  If the financial payment option for the service is through (Skipperfly network), do not deliver the service through messages or other means of communication. You should deliver it via a special request for service delivery, to ensure that your rights are received and the service is evaluated by the traveler.


*  You can inquire and communicate with the traveler through messages, tourist groups, or post comments before adding a paid service to your profile, so that the details of the service are clear to both parties, reducing the disputes between the service provider and the applicant.


*  Skipperfly network doesn't mind adding any services or ads to your diary wall as you are a guide. But the service will be implemented through the services screen to track requests, determine available payment mechanisms, and so on. Thus, Skipperfly is not responsible for any defect or damage to the parties and both will be liable for damages.


*  The amount allowed for adding one paid service is (7,000 USD). If the service worth more than this amount, you should contact the administration and give reasons to increase it. This may require some identification papers.


*  When the service is delivered from (service provider - guide) to the service applicant (traveler), received and evaluated, the funds will be transferred to the guide account after being provided to the management within (24 hours).


*  Do not provide infringing services, and do not implement them even if they are through private messages. All messages are always monitored by the management.


* The Guide and Service Provider's assessment method is based on an assessment of all the services that are paid to interested persons to be calculated for their overall assessment, as well as a special assessment by Skipperfly management through compliance with laws and online activity.


*  Regarding the image of the Tourist Guidance Certificate attached by the guide (to become a certified guide), the Tourist Guide's license will be validated by the institutions and government agencies in the guide's country.  If there is a certificate fault, their account will be suspended immediately with the booking on all services and money orders in their own e-wallet.



Service Applicant (Traveler)


*  Read the title and description of the service well. What is mentioned is what you will get.


*  Pay attention to the duration of the service, you will not be able to cancel (inform management) or obtain it before the service period expires.


*  Ask the service provider (the guide) for any details that may not be clear before beginning the service through instant messaging, comments or posts.


*  Be sure to clarify your request accurately and to make the agreement complete and clear so that problems do not occur later on. Also be sure to follow the assessments of the services of the guide, comments, people's responses to them, and the performance of services.


*  Be sure to select interests of the guide (Medical, Educational, Business, Entertainment) and their ability to perform the services.


*  If a problem occurs with the service provider, try to resolve it amicably as long as the service status is "in progress", so they have not yet received the money. If it persists, the order will be transferred to Skipperfly network administration for judgment. The guide may have spent time and effort in the implementation of some services and will be required to provide some identification papers.


*  If your service provider (guide) sends you a receipt request, please check the service carefully and make sure that it matches the description and your agreement with the guide. After you press the receive order button, the order status will change to "Delivered", then you must have received the full service.


* You can request service cancellation (inform management) prior to implementation it by the service provider. If you do after time has passed, which may cost the service provider time, effort and money to complete a portion of the service, the status will be assessed by the management to judge it and give everyone his right.


*  Be sure to evaluate the service after receiving it, as the service assessment is reflected in the performance assessment of the guide, which improves performance and provides higher quality services.


Prohibited Things in Skipperfly Network:


*  Using fictitious names, or phone numbers.

*  Impersonating names of famous personalities.

* Registering with more than one account and more than one name to circumvent the website.

*  Fraud attempts, whether by the service provider or applicant.

*  Using of stolen bank accounts or credit cards.

*  Add services contrary to customs, laws and international covenants.

*  Trying to bully or harass other people.


Blocks at Skipperfly

Skipperfly has policies to stop behavior that other people may find annoying or abusive. If your account is blocked, you will still be able to log on to Skipperfly, but you may not be able to use features.


We may block people from doing something on Skipperfly when:


 *  Something you posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to our security systems.

 *  Messages or following you sent were marked unwelcome.

 *  You've done something that doesn't follow our Terms of Use.


To avoid blocks like this in the future, you can:


 *  Review our Terms of Use to understand what kind of sharing is allowed on Skipperfly.

 *  Only message people you already know.

 *  Only do following to people you know.


We understand that you may have had good intentions or may have not known about our policies on acceptable behavior, and we also understand that this block can be frustrating. To help keep Skipperfly open and welcoming, we try to prevent people from unintentionally misusing Skipperfly, even if you felt that what you did was acceptable.



Services at Skipperfly


There are two types of services available at Skipperfly:


* Free Services

Services added by the Guide or Service Provider with no price, without any commission for Skipperfly. The service is provided free of charge to the Traveler or Service Applicant. It also can be evaluated via the network.


* Paid Services

Services added by the Guide or Service Provider with a specific price, to be provided to the Traveler or Service Applicant for a fee that can be received in two ways:


** Cash Payment Method: Where the Service Provider and Applicant are agreed after requesting service, and communicated each other via Skipperfly messages, or communication data, such as: WhatsApp, E-mail, Phone, ... According to the Privacy Policy at Skipperfly, the network is not responsible for any fraud attempt when choosing the cash payment method, as the network role ends when the guide is connected with the traveler.


** Online Payment Method via Skipperfly as an intermediary: The Network will receive an 8% commission from the required service price. The service price is booked at the network until it is fully provided by the Guide or Service Provider, and confirmed by the Traveler or Service Applicant that it was done completely as agreed. Then, the funds will be transferred to the Guide, and evaluation will be available to the Traveler. In the controversial issues, judgment will be done by the network. And all parties shall be satisfied with the network's judgment.




Trips at Skipperfly


How can you get a trip at Skipperfly?


*  Guide or Service Provider

The Guide can add the trip, set all the details such as: its name, a simple description, duration, the number of people and route on Map (Point of departure, Assembly, Route, Places to be visited) Then, it will be shown at Skipperfly calendar.The system will notify and remind you one day before the trip date.


 * Traveler or Service Applicant

The trips appear for the Traveler after they follow the Guide. The Traveler can book the trip that is suited for him, to be shown at Skipperfly calendar.

The system will notify and remind you one day before the trip date.


When booking the trip, Skipperfly will receive an 13% commission from its price.


When the booking is cancelled, the following system applies:

 ** Cancellation 7 days before the trip, will incur a 100 % loss of fare.

 ** Cancellation 20 days before the trip, will incur a 50 % loss of fare.

 ** Cancellation 365 days before the trip, will incur a 10 % loss of fare.


Funds will be transferred to the Guide's account by Skipperfly Network, 24 hours after the trip's end date.