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Privacy and Confidentiality Policy at Skipperfly


Your Privacy matters to us


Skipperfly's mission is to provide communications and connecting travelers with guides and service providers around the world, in all languages, to provide the best solutions and services from interested people and experts in the tourism and services field around the world. This mission is about our commitment to transparency and privacy to the data and information we collect about the user, how to use it, and who we share.


Some of these data are visible to other users; such as the username, and others are retained by the website's management; such as contact information, and email.



Privacy and Confidentiality Policy


Skipperfly's management is responsible for ensuring user privacy when visiting its website. It is also committed to the extent that it is not allowed to circulate the information or sell it to any other party as long as it is within the possible website management capabilities. Access to information will only be granted to qualified and professional persons who manage Skipperfly's network.



Absence of Legal Responsibility


After registering and agreeing to the Website Policies, the user acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the nature of the use specified by Skipperfly's Network. The website management waives its party, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all responsibility for any loss, damage, or expense incurred by the user or any other party as a result of misuse of Skipperfly website or inability to use it.



Service Failures, Omissions, and Error in Skipperfly's Network


The management of Skipperfly network is doing its utmost to ensure that the website is maintained without problems. However, there may be errors, omissions or service interruptions and delays sometimes. In such cases, the website management expects users to be patient until the service returns to normal and the website returns to work properly.



Subscriber Account, Password and Security Information


The subscriber selects a password for their account and enters the email address to be communicated via it. Therefore, the subscriber is responsible for protecting, not sharing or publishing the password. If any transaction is done using the password, the participant (subscriber) will bear all the responsibilities involved, without any responsibility for Skipperfly network.


* The subscriber shall bear all responsibility for all content and posts of their own, which submits and publishes on Skipperfly network.


* The Subscriber can't edit their username or delete account from Skipperfly network. It can only be done by submitting a request to the department and disclosing the reason for the changing, because the account is related to financial and other users' rights that may be referenced at any time.


* When the traveler requests a service, the network offers more than one option to deal with the guide and service provider, and determine the payment mechanisms for the service (hand-delivered - paid through the network as an intermediary). The Network is not responsible for any defect, damage or non-compliance by the parties when using the (hand-delivered) option.


* The subscriber shall comply with all terms of use and not to publish anything that violates any of the divine laws in any way or for illegal purposes, such as: the purposes of piracy, deception, forgery, fraud, threat or disturbance of any person, company or group, publishing pornographic or sexual material, spreading viruses, espionage files, or posting links to websites that contain such violations on their diary wall. To attempt to do so, the subscriber will be notified from Skipperfly management and displayed their account for a permanent block if repeated.


* The subscriber (the guide) undertakes not to add any services contrary to international laws, treaties and covenants, such as: trafficking in human beings or human organs, trafficking in children, sexual trade. The website management may delete any of the offending services without consulting the guide, and alert them not to repeat such services. If it is repeated, the subscriber's account will be suspended and all financial transactions will be stopped.


* The subscriber places their location on Google Maps to give the traveler the ability to find and locate their guides and service providers through the maps.


* No intellectual property rights are violated. No person, organization or company has been disgraced. No information is published or intended to cause harm to a company, person, state or community. Pirate materials and software and all breaches of customary and regulated laws are also forbidden.


* Website services are strictly prohibited for political purposes. Exposure and incitement to any State shall be prohibited in any way.



Registration at Skipperfly Network


When registering at Skipperfly network, the subscriber agrees that the information provided by their party is complete and accurate. They undertake not to register on the site or attempt to enter another subscriber's name, and not to use a name that the administration may find inappropriate, such as: Telephone numbers, names impersonating famous characters, website links, incomprehensible names, and so on. They will also be required not to register more than one account in Skipperfly. When the same person uses more than one account, it will get a permanent block.



Content Control


Skipperfly Management reserves the right to monitor, without having to do so, any content shared by the subscriber on the timeline or the services offered by the guide and service provider. It may not be able to monitor all subscribers input, so it reserves the right (without obligation) to delete, remove or edit any inserted material that violates the terms and conditions of the website without consulting to the user.


The local, international and foreign copyright laws and international treaties protect all the contents of this website, and by participating in it, the subscriber expressly agrees to be bound by the copyright notices that appear on their pages.



This policy is constantly changing and evolving, with the commitment of Skipperfly website management to notify subscribers and visitors. Participants should periodically review these policies. If you notice any vague or incorrect details in this policy, please inform us.

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